White Label Call Tracking Solutions

Simply by choosing to use a white label payment gateway, you can ensure your reputation as a company grows. A simple, secure, easy to use and fully-branded gateway is something a merchant always needs. Colt Voice Reseller solutions are a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, fully-featured, and regulatory-compliant Voice services.

  • It’s possible for us to create a custom platform that will give you and your clients an edge in the chaotic world of online advertising.
  • Targetoo is able to offer our clients the best solution for their accurate business needs and wishes.
  • In essence, why would a merchant acquirer or ISO resell someone else’s payment gateway, when they can be the payment gateway themselves.
  • Once you’ve established the type of solution your looking for, you can start your search.

White-labelling saves a lot of time and therefore, makes it easier to meet tight deadlines. It also allows buyers to identify areas of the project which they may not have the prerequisite specialisations for, and thus, outsource the need to a third party which can develop it. Our engineers and industrial designers have successfully completed over 400 projects. Our portfolio includes collaborations with brands like Marvell, Intel, Lapka, Fujitsu, Prestigio, Parrot, Smartlabs, Qoobi, and many others. We test and evaluate all the options that we have available, show them to our client, and discuss the best options. Discuss the possibility of realizing the customization of the device, packaging, and software.

Nature of business (SIC)

The Data Management Platform is an integrated platform for collecting, organizing, and activating first-party, second-party, and third-party audience data from any source, online, offline, or mobile. This is the backbone of data-driven marketing, enabling businesses to gain their own insights into their customers. At Targetoo we help you to get your brand name as an activation partner in a DMP. A white label DSP is a completely developed, personalized, and maintained DSP technology core that a company, brand, or agency buys from suppliers without a label or brand tag. The prepackaged software core is what makes the white label DSP solution quite easy to extend, and it requires little customization . Offer your customers a business platform, one that allows them to manage and implement an enterprise-level antimalware solution and control it from a central point.

White Label solutions

The complex range of white label flavours can contain up to 14 different concentrates per flavour. This allows us to supply you White Label crypto exchange with a complex and sophisticated taste profile. Would you like to have a specific tool or feature already available in DSP?

Integrates with your existing systems

CoSend is the perfect white label scheduler for agencies and SaaS providers who are looking to offer a new service or integrate with existing systems. With a white label solution from iovox, you get proven products and the benefit of our market knowledge without the costly upfront investment. Protect and grow your installed base of customers with new value-added call tracking services offered under your brand. These https://xcritical.com/ enable you to grow your organisation in a variety of ways that are both quick and safe. Firms acquiring this software must analyse to what extent they can let go of their control on its features. Furthermore, prospective providers who also offer after-sales support to ensure the software is maintained, should be considered ahead of those who don’t offer support.

White Label solutions

Look for providers that offer API, webhooks and single-sign on – these will be the ones that work best with your existing processes. If a white label provider doesn’t specify their pricing, it usually means you’d be put off if you saw them. Aim to engage with providers that are upfront about fees from the get-go, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. We recommend ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise plan for a great white label marketing automation option. You can switch to your own branding, pricing and domain while keeping the plaform’s powerful features and capabilities. Our recommendation is Mailjet – easily offer a custom-branded email builder, contact database, template management, and sending infrastructure.

White Label Solutions and Services

This gives them their own online presence without allowing personal subjective opinions to get in the way of your corporate identity. White label ecommerce websites are incredibly powerful in the right hands. Does your business have a great offering, a scalable structure and professionally-defined processes? If so, you could really unleash the power of the internet with a white label ecommerce solution, effectively allowing your marketing to be done by other companies promoting your products or services. A white label consists of a permit to put your own brand on a product/service developed by a third-party. Essentially, this allows you to portray the product as yours, not as the product developer’s, as your customers will only see your brand in the product.

Payment solution providers like Cardstream have huge first-hand experience when it comes to fraud and chargeback prevention measures. White label payment gateway technology can ensure that your payment data and transactions will always remain safely protected, removing the worry of fraud risk, chargebacks and data breaches. Integration is another important factor to look out for when exploring white label solutions. Ideally, you want you new solution to fully integrate with your existing systems so that your customer experience is seamless and you don’t run into any inconsistencies along the way. We have designed a simple, intuitive and user-friendly online payment platform for your customers to experience flawless service and pay by cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.). The concept of white-labelling prevails not only in product development, but also occurs in the services industry to a great extent.

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